Lieutenant James M. Whatley served as a photo interpreter (naval intelligence), aboard the USS Mt. McKinley in the Pacific Campaign during World War II. He participated in the assault on Peleliu, Okinawa, and the capture of IE Shima in April of 1945, as well as the seizure of Iheya Shima and Aguni Shima in June of 1945. James Whatley was also a member of one of the first American envoys to occupy western Japan in early September through October of 1945. Previously he was stationed on Guadalcanal after its capture by American forces.

Assembled here are many of the photographs that were in his possession at the end of the war. Although some of these photos are surely duplicates, many are original photographs taken by Jim Whatley and his staff that have never been seen by anyone other than his family.


This website is a tribute to my father, and the countless men & women who sacrificed so much during this preeminent time in history.